Mindfulness is a nonjudgmental, kind and receptive mindset In which one observes thoughts, feelings, and body sensations as they are, without trying to suppress, deny or exaggerate them. As we become less attached or identified with our thoughts, feelings and sensations, we are less inclined to get swept away by negative reactivity in the face of life’s stressors and challenges, and develop more capacity to meet our lives with curiosity, creativity, patience, wisdom, trust, skill and ease.

Stress is sometimes described in a simple mathematical formula: Stress = the situation + our reactions (composed of our thoughts, feelings and sensations). As we learn to cultivate a kinder, more patient and mindful response to the stressors in our lives, we notice we experience less negative effects of stress and begin to feel more alive and present to our lives.

Mindfulness practices can help you develop your awareness of your mind and body in ways that can help decrease your stress reaction, and create more ease, clarity, joy and overall well being in your life.

The eight week long Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class series helps you learn mindfulness skills through instruction in mindfulness meditation, gently yoga and qigong, and a range of self-care strategies to manage stress, difficult emotions, and physical symptoms.