I feel more content, more fortunate, more capable, less hopeless.
The class became a warm, safe place to be open and to learn. I found myself feeling more accepting of myself and others in daily life — and more able to find a calmness when anxiety sets in.
Now I listen to others with compassion and understanding, rather than talking or thinking of what I will say next.
It became the night each week I could let myself have the time to reflect on important things, in a kind way to myself and a time to think clearly about others.
I am more forgiving and less rigid as a result of this class.
Diane is simply a lovely instructor.
I have noticed that I have the ability to be more calm, and that having compassion benefits me as much as those to whom I extend compassion.
I feel I can step back more in an uncomfortable situation to see more of the true pure spirit of the person I am uncomfortable with.
I am able to calm myself and break patterns of negative thoughts.
Diane is a very dedicated and excellent teacher. She took the questions we posed to heart, and answered them by including both scientific evidence, and examples of personal compassion/mindfulness practices gleaned from her life experiences.
These practices have given me more access to my heart, which has been amazing.
Diane is an excellent and caring teacher.  Her innate kindness makes the class feel safe.  Her sincere enthusiasm for the material on compassion is inspiring.

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